About Us

Government Statistician Welcoming Message

 We are very grateful that you are visiting our Solomon Islands National Statistics Office (SINSO) website.

As the Official Statistical Agency for the Government, the Solomon Islands National Statistical Office (SINSO), through this website, will ensure the information disseminated    meet the needs of its users. As genuine users, please let us know your specific information  needs by contacting us.

Prior to the creation and updating of this website, most of our outputs were made available through hard copies. Now that Internet is increasingly becoming a channel for disseminating statistical information and other products, the SINSO is very grateful that through this website, its users can be better served in terms of making information available on-line. 

This website aims is to provide on a regular basis a wide range of timely and good quality statistics that can be used for planning and policy formulation purposes. The SINSO would like to encourage its users through their genuine feedback on how the website can be improved to better serve your needs, the SINSO welcomes your opinions anytime. We are always ready to accommodate your valuable opinions.

Our Legitimacy

This is based on:

  • The primary legislation, the Statistics Act of 1970 and the Census Act 1959 and subsequent amendments to these legal instruments;
  • The recognition by our users of an added value service provided in a cost-effective way;
  • The universal recognition of Solomon Islands Statistics professional independence as demonstrated by the degree of confidence shown in Solomon Islands Statistics staff, in their probity and in the quality of our products, methods and services;
  • The recognition given by regional organizations and other National Statistical Offices in the region to our role of primary partner.

Our Aims

  • To implement a set of standards, methods and organizational structures which allow comparable, reliable and relevant statistics to be produced for the Solomon Islands
  • To provide the Solomon Islands Institutions and the governments of the Provinces with the information needed to implement, monitor and evaluate Solomon Islands policies
  • To disseminate our Statistics to the Solomon Island public and enterprises and to all economic and social agents involved in decision making
  • To endeavor to improve the statistical systems of the Provinces and support their development in moving towards a market economy
  • Solomon Islands Statistics Office at the service of the Solomon Islands Government
  • Solomon Islands Statistics office at the service of other Solomon Islands Institutions and external users
  • Helping to develop the Solomon Islands Statistical System
  • Boosting staff motivation and satisfaction
  • Improving the quality of our products and services
  • Boosting our internal productivity

Our Roles

  • Designer of standardized statistical instruments for producing Solomon Islands statistic: harmonized classification, organizational methods and structures, technical standards.
  • Harmoniser of statistical information: drawing up a set common concepts, languages and tools for producing statistics.
  • Producer of Solomon Islands statistics: consolidate the statistics of the Provinces and ensuring that they are comparable.
  • Supplier of statistical information: identifying, analyzing and interpreting Solomon Islands statistical data.
  • Disseminator of statistical information.
  • Coordinator of the Solomon Islands Statistical System.
  • Adviser on statistical systems: helping to improve the national statistical systems and to promote good practice within the Solomon Islands Statistical System.
  • Promoter of research and development: encouraging research into techniques and tools for collecting, processing and analyzing data.

Our Values

As well as recognizing the principles of international law, we have adopted the following as our rules of professional conduct:

  • User satisfaction through constant improvement of the quality of our service and our products.
  • Professional independence and impartially.
  • Scientific rigour.
  • Protection of statistical confidentially.
  • Transparency to our respondents.
  • Respect for our colleagues.
  • Respect for cultural differences within a common Solomon Islands culture.
  • Participation and teamwork.
  • Individual development.
  • Responsibility, motivation and involvement for all.