New Zealand Tourism Research Institute conducts zoom training for new data entry officer

Dec 1, 2022 | News

The New Zealand Tourism Research Institute, NZTRI on Wednesday 30th November 2022, held a brief training session via zoom, for its new International Visitors Survey, IVS, data entry officer, Mary Buke.

Mary was joined by Chief Statistician Social, Anterlyn Tuzakana, former IVS data entry officer Grace Matanani and NSDS officer Sharon Misialo.

Eilidh Thorburn and two other staff from the Research Institute took them through the Entry Process of collecting the emails of International Visitors to Solomon Islands.

They went through the stages involved in the process; from recording the emails, to cleaning them up and sending them to the respondents.

Mary Buka is a Diploma Tourism graduate from the Solomon Islands National University, SINU.

This was her first week at the National Statistics Office. She said she looks forward to starting her job properly at the Honiara International Airport.

“The session today was great and I am confident on what I will do. ”


In the coming days, Mary will be present at the Honiara International Airport to collect the International Visitors information with Grace supervising her.

The New Zealand Tourism Research Institute facilitates the Pacific Tourism Data Initiative (PTDI) in 10 Pacific Island Countries (PICs) including Solomon Islands.

The overall goal of the Pacific Tourism Data Initiative is to increase evidence-based tourism decision making in the Pacific with a view to strengthening sustainable economic development.

In its past surveys on Solomon Islands, the results showed tourists commending Solomon Islands for its friendliness. On the other hand, the tourists also labelled Solomon Islands as very dirty.