NSO and World Bank discuss Support for Statistics

Apr 24, 2023 | News

The National Statistics Office has wrapped up a series of meetings with the World Bank Team in Honiara this week after discussing World Bank’s support for Statistics especially for the forthcoming 2024-25 Household Income Expenditure Survey (HIES) under a proposed joint Audit and Statistical Capacity Building Project (ASCAP).

Talks on the ground with the World Bank team began on the 28 February and wrapped up on Wednesday 8 March, 2023. Discussions centered on the formulation of the ASCAP including a project management unit, and project component requirements such as procurement, environmental and social safeguards, and financial management requirements.

The NSO and Auditor General’s Office later met with the World Bank Team in a follow-up meeting on Wednesday 8th March 2023 to further discuss conditions around project management unit and related issues.

The NSO is now working closely with the World Bank to meet the requirements for the (ASCAP) as it plans for the implementation of the forthcoming 2024-25 Household Income Expenditure Survey. The HIES project has been slightly delayed due to the forthcoming South Pacific Games to be held later this year.

Senior Financial Management Specialist Bonnie Ann Sirois speaking to the group, with Government Statistician Douglas Kimi and Auditor General David Dennis with staff attending