Population growth show signs of slowing down.

Nov 16, 2020 | Census, Statistics

According to the 2019 Census, the provisional data shows an increase of approximately 169,930 people (30.8%) since the last 2009 Census. This increase represents an average annual growth rate of 2.7% for the period 2009-2019, or an increase of 17,000 people per year. Although the annual population increment is increasing, the inter-censual growth shows signs of declining from 3.0% annual growth in 2009-1999.

The new growth rate of 2.7% reflects changes in the annual growths of provincial populations.

According to the Minister of Finance and Treasury, Honourable Harry Kuma, who officially launched the provisional results, he mentioned that even though our population growth is slowing down, it is still the highest growth rate in the pacific region. The current growth rate has implications on income per-capita and also poses policy challenges to manage population growth so that it does not outpace economic growth as is currently the case.

The 2019 provisional results showed that at the provincial level, the provisional count shows that Honiara recorded the fastest annual growth of 5.8 per cent with an increase of 57,033 people (78.0%) since 2009 or 5,700 people per year. This is followed by Guadalcanal, driven by an annual growth of 3.7 per cent with an increase of 48,127 people (45.4%) since 2009 or 4,800 people annually.

Temotu province has the slowest annual population growth (0.4%) which continues to slow down even from 1999-2009.

Malaita province records the highest population of 173,347 (24.0%), followed by Guadalcanal 154,150 (21.4%) and Honiara with 130,176 (18.0%) people. The least populated province is Rennell-Bellona with 4,091 (0.6%) people.

The 2019 Census Project is also a key project implemented under the framework of the National Statistics Development Strategy 2015-2035 that aims to support key data requirements for our nation’s National Development Strategy, Medium Term Development Strategy and our Fiscal and Monetary policies.

This key indicator and other statistics were released by the 2019 Census Project Office of the National Statistics Office today and was officially launched by the Minister for Finance and Treasury, Honorable Harry Kuma.

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Honourable Harry Kuma, Minister for Finance and Treasury, delivering his speech at the launch of the 2019 Census provisional results.