Education Statistics

Solomon Islands Education Statistics are detailed in the Performance Assessment Report 2006-2013

The Performance Assessment Report 2006-2013 (PAR) provides the national progress in correlation with the international agreements to achieve the EFA and Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s, 2 and 3) and to identify the areas of improvement in the Solomon Islands Education Sector to offer good and relevant learning opportunities for all children, youths and adults in the Solomon Islands.

The purpose for developing the PAR is to facilitate the monitoring of the general progress of the National Education Action Plans and the Sector Wide Approach education programmes as incorporated in the longer term plan, the National Education Strategic Framework 2007-2015. The PAR was developed on the basis of a comprehensive set of agreed indicators related to all the main expected outputs and outcomes of the three overarching goals of the Education Sector. Access, Quality and Management in accordance to the Education For All and Millennium Development goals.

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The report is also published on the Ministry of Education website here